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Karimoku New Standard

Karimoku New Standard (KNS) is a furniture brand launched in 2009 by the Japanese manufacturer Karimoku Furniture Inc. It is a curated collection of contemporary, joyful, functional furniture and home accessories for home and contract use, developed with a new generation of international designers. The products combine the designers’ innovative spirit with Karimoku’s experience in carpentry craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. All the items in the collections are made in Japan from sustainably sourced domestic hardwoods. The KNS collection is sold worldwide in 127 shops in 22 countries. It is represented in the permanent design collections of museums such as the Fond National d’Art Contemporain in Paris and the Art Institute of Chicago. The brand has won numerous prizes including the IF Design Award, the Swiss Federal Design Award and the Good Design Award.

Since 2013, David Glaettli/GDD is the appointed Creative Director of KNS. David Glaettli’s creative direction for the brand encompasses a wide range of tasks including the creation of the brand concept, design & product strategy, selection of designers, definition of design briefings, revision of designs, evaluation of prototypes, control of the brand image and appearance, selection and direction of collaborators (like photographers, graphic designers and artists) for the development of sales and communication tools like catalogues, flyers, websites, and finally exhibition concept & design.