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Milan Design Week 2014

The fifth Karimoku New Standard exhibition in Milan was held in a white cube showroom with a spectacular fin de siècle courtyard just a few meters from the Castello di Milano. In order to expand on the success of the previous year, Karimoku teamed again with Arabeschi Di Latte for a second edition of Kitchen Library.  The exhibition embodied a temporary reading lounge centred around food, books & furniture and dedicated itself to conviviality and inspiration in everyday life. This time Arabeschi Di Latte supplied their impressive collection of vintage recipe books from all over the world, which were integrated into the installation and available for visitors to browse and read. As part of the installation, Arabeschi Di Latte created a food concept, called “words and foods on loan”. Similarly to ideas and words, food and dishes have always transcended borders, being reinterpreted in different cultural contexts to ultimately become something new and once again original. Arabeschi di Latte featured this concept and selected classic Japanese foods with their roots in the west.  These foods were then brought back to Europe and reinvented with local ingredients. These reinvented foods and drinks were prepared in a kitchen integrated into the exhibition, and of course served to visitors. David Glaettli/GDD’s involvement in this project included exhibition and event concept, planning, and styling, the selection and coordination of collaborators, and location hunting.