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Photo production for the Karimoku New Standard Catalogue 2015

The photos produced for the 2015 Karimoku New Standard catalogue were shot by Japanese photographer Norio Kidera in a traditional Japanese townhouse in Kyoto. The house was also the location of Glaettli Design Direction’s studio, and a private showroom for Karimoku New Standard furniture.  For the two day photo shooting, the rooms of the house had been cleared out and staged.
David Glaettli/GDD made the choice of the 100 year old house as a stage for the contemporary Karimoku New Standard furniture on the one hand to underline and refer to the Japanese origins of the brand and on the other, to show that good, timeless design fits and works in spaces of all sorts and eras. In fact, the used furniture and accessories contrasted beautifully with the aged, carefully crafted wooden spaces.
This project involved location hunting, concept design and implementation, selection and direction of the photographer, interior coordination and photo styling.