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Tajimi Custom Tiles

Tajimi Custom Tiles is a new brand offering bespoke tiles made in Tajimi, Japan. Tajimi City is the epicentre of the Japanese tile industry, with a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship and excellence. The majority of tile companies in Tajimi specialise in high-volume production of standard tiles. There remain, however, a number of smaller, highly-specialised manufacturers using a rarely seen combination of alternative production methods and traditional Japanese glazing and firing. Tajimi Custom Tiles works with the most innovative and skilled of these artisanal manufacturers to produce custom-tailored tiles in any size, shape, colour and texture for architects and designers worldwide. A collaboration with the designers Max Lamb and Kwangho Lee has been initiated for the presentation of the brand at the Milan Design Week.
Tajimi Custom Tiles was launched in 2019 by X’S Corporation under the creative direction of David Glaettli/ GDD. The creative direction of the project includes the definition of the brand concept, strategy and identity. It also comprises exhibition concept and design, selection of designers, drafting of design briefings, revision of designs and prototypes with the craftsmen, and the selection and direction of photographers and graphic designers for the development of flyers, packaging, and a website.