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Tokyo Design Week 2014

With this Tokyo Design Week 2014 exhibition, Karimoku New Standard took over and refurnished a central Tokyo office space usually shared by a press agency, an editor and an architect. In this real world workspace setting, exhibition visitors saw, touched, and tried out Karimoku New Standard furniture in daily use. An additional special exhibition entitled Q&A – BIG-GAME curated by David Glaettli was held in the gallery space attached to the office. This special exhibition was a retrospective showcasing a selection of 10 products designed by BIG-GAME for 10 distinct companies over the past 10 years. Each of these 10 Big Game products was paired with one item local to Japan and selected by David Glaettli. These 10 unique finds represent the Japanese counterparts to BIG-GAME’s products. They relate to them, and explain and contextualise them in unexpected ways.
The 10 + 10 exhibit forms a cross-cultural “dialog between things” that gives a playful insight into BIG-GAME’s way of thinking and working.  Big Game’s process is rooted and inspired by the things that surround us in daily life,  and ultimately show the universality of functional, playful design. David Glaettli/GDD’s project involvement included creating, developing, and implementing the exhibition concept, in addition to location hunting, planning, styling, and curation of “Q&A”.